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About Galactica OG

Galactica OG is mostly an Indica hybrid with roots in Southern California. Grown by Palomar Craft Cannabis, who have also created strains like Electric Lemonade, Galactica OG is a combination of Jedi Kush and Saturn OG. It imparts a dynamic, multi-layered high, and profoundly pungent aroma. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 19% and 25%.


Flowers of Galactica OG stand out thanks to a larger than average size and a solid, roughly spherical shape. These chunky globes have a dense, indica-inflected structure, with short, broad leaves that curl tightly inward toward their central stems.


An initial inspection of Galactica OG’s buds will pick up on a mostly sour, skunky aroma that can carry for quite a distance. A closer whiff may detect some hints of fresh orange as well. When flowers are broken apart or ground up, Galactica OG’s Kush lineage becomes obvious thanks to a peppery, hashy odor. Burning these buds gives off an acrid smoke that’s liable to sting the palate and sinuses. On the exhale, though, this heavy smoke tastes like a citrus-flavored tea.

THC Content

HIGHEST TEST …………..25%


Galactica OG’s broad range of effects gives it several uses for medical cannabis patients. For one, its ability to induce focus can help those with attention deficit disorders to zone in on single tasks. Additionally, its tendency to improve mood may temporarily shut out the difficult symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Physically speaking, Galactica OG can take the sting out of body pain, whether due to temporary inflammation or to chronic conditions like arthritis or lupus. In the right set and setting, this sedative bud may even pull insomniacs down into a deep and fulfilling sleep


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