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Charas Hash is a kind of cannabis remove basically the same as hashish. It is carefully assembled and is thought to start from districts of Asia, specifically India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Like most cannabis removes, it is made by isolating the trichomes from the cannabis plant make a difference to deliver an exceptionally focused concentrate. These trichomes are normally found to shape a chilly, tacky layer on cannabis blossoms and, less significantly, stems and leaves.

The fundamental distinction between hashish and charas is that the last is produced using live cannabis cuttings, though the previous is made utilizing dead, dried plant material. Charas is additionally most generally made utilizing a hand-moving strategy (which we investigate in more detail underneath), while hash can be made in an assortment of ways, basically utilizing dry filtering, bubble packs, and then some.

Charas Hash is typically sold in balls or sticks and is generally smoked utilizing a chillum, an uncommon sort of line customarily utilized by Hindu priests (or sadhus). Across the Indian sub-mainland and numerous different pieces of the world, cannabis has assumed a critical part in otherworldly and strict practices. Charas, specifically, assumes a focal part in numerous Hindu customs and practices.

More About Charas Hash Strain

Legal Charas hash strain safe is produced by carefully rubbing the female buds between the hands. The resin is rolled in Hash-Balls, before shipment it’s pressed in the usual slabs. You can avail it in Black color on the outside, dark greenish/brown inside. Its Smell ranges from Spicy to very spicy. Distinctive aroma. It has a very spicy taste, somewhat harsh on the throat but definitively less so than Afghani.

Its consistency is very soft and it can be kneaded easily like Afghani. Sometimes quite powdery though always dense. Its effects are Very stony and physical high. Cerebral. Its potency ranges from Potent to very potent. Like Nepali, Charas is almost always good smoke. (10-26% THC) Availability: Very rare, from time to time very small quantities become available. Most Hash of this kind is imported by private travelers to India. As expected the price is very high, in the range of Nepali. Charas is usually sold as a ‘finger’, which is a sausage shaped piece of hash.

Charas is a hashish hand made in the traditional Indian style of pounding full buds through a fine mesh or silk screen as part of a spiritual and medicinal ritual. The creator of this charas uses the original techniques to make a dark and sticky hash. It is a unique and strong concentrate that is good for pain, stress, and nausea. The result is a slightly lighter than normal charas that burns with a slightly different flavor


Whenever you’re done, it’s an ideal opportunity to appreciate the products of your hard work. For a more conventional encounter, we propose putting resources into a chillum. Then again, basically, take a piece of charas, fold it’s anything but a little snake, and roll yourself a decent joint with a blend of tobacco to guarantee an even, gradual process.

In case you’re not an aficionado of tobacco, you can simply move your charas Hash with standard blossoms in a joint or obtuse. What’s more, in case you’re not an enthusiast of joints or blunts, you can essentially blend some into a bowl and smoke it’s anything but a customary line or bong. At last, you can likewise disintegrate charas in a touch rig as other cannabis removes.

At whatever point attempting another cannabis item, it’s in every case best to take things simple. All things considered, you can generally smoke more, yet you can never smokeless. Keep in mind, charas, similar to hash and different concentrates, have a lot higher level of THC and other cannabinoids than the standard blossom.

To make your own charas, the process is quite simple, albeit a bit messy:

From a cannabis plant that is 2-3 weeks from full maturity, pick a handful of cannabis flowers.
Trim the excess leaves from the cannabis buds, but leave a portion of the stem.
Slowly begin to rub the buds between your palms.
As the flower releases oils and THC, gradually increase your hand motions.
Use your thumb to press the oils against your palm.
The plant material will secrete a black, tar-like substance.
Continue rolling the charas ball until it stops secreting oils.


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